Monday, April 25, 2011


As my daughter would exclaim, "oh dea-h"

our little easter bunny

It is almost end of the month and I havent even blogged anything. My last entry was a month ago! Hmm, what is new? Well, my parents are here for a short vacation, yey! It means a little break from the cooking and doing the laundry, thanks to my mom (who's addicted to the washing machine hehe). It also means Nix is also super happy being able to play with lolo and lola. But though I try not to think about it, well we will be sad when they leave ...Pero that is still weeks away so happy thoughts lang muna.

Yesterday was Easter sunday so we went to church and then had yumcha at a nearby chinese resto. It was our second time there and I love the fact that even just a were seating down, the cart loaded with dimsum is already there and we could take our pick and dig in right away! I liked the seafood rolls and the chicken feet. My favorite though is their crispy chicken, love the way it is seasoned and I love the fact that Nix eats it with rice without any fuss, subo lang ng subo. Service was great as well, without asking, they refilled the teapot with hot jasmine tea na bagay na bagay since malamig ang panahon.

After lunch we went to nearby Sam's warehouse and that was where Nix got her bunny ears. She likes it so much, hanggang ngayon hop pa din ng hop. Sulit ang $2 ni lolo, hehe.

Hope you all had a good Easter weekend!