Saturday, September 24, 2011

Goodmorning sa inyo!

Our little girl loves to sing and dance. Even while she's playing with her toys, I often hear her singing songs she invented. Last night, she started singing this Nescafe commercial she saw on t.v., complete with facial expression and hand gestures:) But with her it comes more like " goodmorning saynyo " . So cute!  I just love being a mum:)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Forever 21

Since it will be almost summer when I go back to Oz, I've been wanting to buy a pair of denim shorts to bring back. Good thing we went to Megamall yesterday so I was able to browse around Forever 21. Here's my loot:)

Denim shorts Php 915 (approx  AUD$20)

Black belt Php 365 ( approx AUD$ 8)
I'm starting to like this store. It's fun to browse through racks and racks of clothes and trying some out (even if you don't really intend to buy anything hehe) My brother says the Makati branch is even larger! Hopefully I can visit Makati one of these days:)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bonchon Chicken Take 2!

So because I wasn't able to take pictures the first time, we just had to come back and eat some spicy wings again. This time I made sure I had my camera with me :)

3 pc spicy wings with rice

Yummy iced tea 
Kimchi coleslaw - helps to ease the spiciness of the wings:)
I love bonchon chicken!  I like how the chicken stays tender and really crispy even if  its  coated with sauce

Then for dessert: Green tea fro-yo with mango and almonds at nearby Red Mango 

Ang sarap kumain!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

SM and food

Was at SM Megamall yesterday and I came home with aching legs lol. And I kept on saying, "ang daming tao" because everywhere you go (and Megamall is huge right?), it was jampacked. But I'm not one to complain. There's so much to see there, lots of shops, lots of good bargains inside the SM Department Store and lots of restos to choose from:)
For lunch, my mom and I ate at Pepper Lunch. I had the Beef Pepper Rice and my mom had the Terriyaki Beef Pepper Rice with egg. Hay naku I forgot my cam, sayang nga. For late snack naman, we ate at Bonchon Chicken. We ordered the rice meal with the wings and the one with the chicken drumstick. We chose the spicy variant and it was indeed spicy crunchy good! We also liked the kimchi coleslaw. And their version of iced tea is yum as well:) Should go back next time so I could take proper pictures...