Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wishlist: New camera

My hubby and I have been wanting to buy a new camera since last year. Though it has served us well, I think we've already outgrown our Canon point and shoot. I remember we bought it a month before Nix was born because we wanted to make sure we have something to capture all those special moments as she's growing up. I don't know if its just me being frugal, or it was because we really didn't have much extra moolah then, but at 12,000 php (about 300 aud), we found it pretty expensive. And really by today's standards it is expensive knowing some digital cams now retail for less than 100aud.
Hubby initially wanted to get a DSLR but I've encouraged him more towards the idea of getting a good point and shoot. I just think a lighter camera would fit our lifestyle better.
So we've been looking at Panasonic's Lumix LX 5

But I also saw some other nice looking Panasonic cameras and I'd like to look at some Canon models as well so  I still have to do some research.
I did see a pink samsung point and shoot last week that retailed for 70aud and I was so tempted to get it cause its PINK! But I thought might as well save that money towards getting a better model. But really now, how cuter can you get?
This one will fit it right perfectly in this
Oh, don't get me started, bags deserve a wishlist post of its own:) 
Buti na lang libre mangarap:)

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