Friday, July 29, 2011

Up late again

I know its not healthy but I've been sleeping really late, or should I say really early in the morning already. Its just that it is during this time that I feel so most productive. Or maybe I'm just a really bad procrastinator that I leave all that I should be doing earlier in the day to this very very late (or early) part of the day. Gulo ko ba? Pasensya na, madaling araw na eh. Haha.
Anyway, to prove that I'm productive, I've even changed my blog template. I kind of like it since it feels its neater. Problem lang is I can't seem to edit my blog title, I wanted the font size to be bigger but I can't seem to do it. Well I got the template for free lang so can't complain but hopefully I can still tweak the font size.
What kept me up really late this time was I was so busy going through different mommy blogs on homeschooling and teaching toddlers/preschoolers. I'm so inspired and encouraged going through their posts and I realized that though I'm not really the homeschooling type (though I wish I am) I will (well hubby and I) will always be N's best teachers:) With that I will bid you good nite (or good morning):)

My messy desk and some ideas I picked up from blog hopping:)

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