Monday, November 21, 2011

Back to reality

Our long vacation in Manila is over and now we're back to Melbourne's chilly weather. Not complaining though especially since our house doesn't have a/c. The other day temperature was like 33 degrees at nagamit tuloy ang nag-iisang electric fan namin. Now its back to I think 15-18 degrees so carry na ulit:)

So what have I been up to since we've arrived? Packing up all those goodies from the Philippines. As usual I overpacked again, siguro nasa 8kgs ulit excess ko good thing the ground crew of Cathay was generous with us. To think my in laws let me use a part of their baggage allowance already. Ang saya kasi magshopping sa SM:) Anyways, hubby was delighted with all his pasalubongs so happy happy! He was so excited when he saw his piattos and nagaraya, oh the simple joys of life.

Well last week, finally got to see Sydney! I loved it. We only stayed 2 days so we basically just went around the city but I had fun. Went to Circular Quay where we saw the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Went also to Darling Harbour and Sydney Fish Market. Then also the the shops along Pitt Street. Going around was so convenient. Domestic Airport to our hotel took about 15 minutes via the city train, talk about efficient. There was even a bus that will take you around the city for free:) Hopefully we can go back again and see naman Bondi beach.

Sydney Opera House. Mr. Sun was out on our first day so views were really nice:)

Harbour Bridge

View of the CBD

Westfield Sydney

At Sydney Fish Market. I love seafood, wish we have this is Melbourne


  1. Would have loved to show you around sydney, I love it here :)

  2. I missed visiting that market. You are right, there should be a decent one in Melbourne :)

  3. @MummyK: i loved sydney! hopefully we can visit again soon, there's so much more to see:)
    @Joni: it would be nice if melbourne has one right? freshly cooked seafood on a whim, yum:)