Thursday, March 22, 2012


I know I've let weeks pass leaving this blog inactive. Booo! My blog has merely served as a platform for me to read my favorite blogs in my blog lists and I know I've been lazy but! had a lot on my plate the past few weeks so I have a bit of an excuse:) Well for one we moved houses again to be closer to hubby's work. New year, new house (just to be clear, rental only, di kami rich hehe) So I went through the sorting, packing and cleaning once again. Here in Oz kasi if you're renting, you are expected to clean the house before you vacate. Then the real estate agent will check it and if all's clean and well, you get to have your bond back, which is usually a month's rent so I was really down on my knees cleaning! Well the hard work paid off we got our bond back in full:) Next  excuse and reason was we had some friends come over and stay with us the past few weeks. The thing I love about being in Melbourne now is that friends now visit us, hahaha. But seriously, I love having them around even if just for a few days. I wish my family could visit us soon as well.
Okay. So I hope I could get back to blogging again. We'll see.
Now I'm off to cook dinner (First time to cook lasagna, hope it turns out well)
Cheers everyone:)

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