Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It was hubby's day off from work yesterday and we went malling. It was a public holiday so there were lots of people in the mall as well. First stop, went inside Pumpkin Patch where I saw some really cute girly stuff.  They already have coats and boots out, but a bit pricey so went out empty handed. Proud of myself though:) Then also went inside Harris Scarfe and spent a bit more time here. I just love going through the aisles of pots and pans and linens:) Was really thinking if I should buy a new frying pan with a lid or just buy a lid for the one I had at home. I didn't see any frying pan I fancied but I saw that the roasting pan I wanted was on sale for $25. It was $99 last time we went there so I got one. Thinking of roasting a chicken one these days to put my purchase to good use:) Next stop was the chemist where I got some vitamins and bubble bath for the bulilit. Then off to our favorite, Kmart.(where we always seem to end up haha) Finally got Nix the toy stroller she always plays with every time we go to a toy store. Got myself a frying pan lid, which I figured was cheaper than buying a new pan. After a few more store visits and a potty break went home happy though a bit broke:) Went to the nearby playground ( with stroller and dolly in tow) for a while to catch some fresh breeze. Weather was great yesterday, sunny and cool. It was a great day to spend with the family, kind of my day off too:)

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