Sunday, July 17, 2011

My CHATIME experience

Ever since I heard about CHATIME from Jenni Epperson's blog, I've been wanting to try it. You see I'm more of a tea person so I was really excited to read about it and added it to the list of things to try when we go home to Manila. So imagine what a pleasant surprise it was to see a newly opened CHATIME along Swanston Street here in Melbourne! Finally got to try it yesterday. I got the Brown Rice Green Tea with normal sugar. My verdict: Okay lang, wala kasing ice yung order ko, di nilagyan. Buti nalang weather was cold so carry lang:) Hay, I didn't understand what the girl was saying kasi haha...when she was asking if I wanted normal sugar and ice akala ko "no sugar".  Anyways she gave me normal sugar with no ice. Ang gulo haha

Excited me:)

Puro Asians naka line:)
Waiting for my order

with Nix who was more interested looking at the kalesa  than the cam:)
Next time I'm gonna try something different, maybe something with red bean in it. Hmmm, any suggestions?:)

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  1. sa tagal ko nang nakainom ng Chatime, parang nakalimutan ko na yata kung ano ang ininom ko noon. i think i've tried the pearl milk tea. it was very new in Sydney then so I was very conservative with my choice. i liked it though. i find it better than Easy Way.

    I've been craving for Chatime for weeks but hesitating to buy on my way home coz it's cold (it might make me pee while inside the train hehehe). I would like to try the Taro Milk tea next time.