Monday, July 25, 2011

Eat list: Manila

After reading Daphne OP's recent post , all I can think about is food. I can't help it, so might as well write something about it since it is 3 a.m. and am too lazy to cook something to satisfy the cravings. Well, family and friends aside, the thing I miss most about Manila is the FOOD! I'm not a foodie but this I know, I love my rice and ulam. For me everything with rice is yum. Fluffy, white, piping hot rice. Confession: I do eat spaghetti with rice, well when at home anyway:)
Anyway, I think I will just make a food list of all I miss and would like too eat again when go home sweet home. So here's my Manila wish/eat list:

Sisig - Last time we went home we didn't get the chance to eat at Gerry's Grill which I read served very good sisig.

Jollibee's chicken joy - I know Nix will love this as well: crispy chicken skin and gravy

Baked oysters - Buttery, cheesy, fatty oysters! Want to go to Seaside Macapagal right now:)

photo courtesy of hubby

Fried Tilapia - I mostly shop in the big chain groceries here because its more convenient so I really miss out on fresh seafood. I especially miss eating the humble tilapia, fried crispy skin and soft flesh...goes well with fish sauce and calamansi.
Inihaw na Bangus - Especially the fatty belly part. Yun na!


McDonald's Coke float - I still remember when this first came out, I was hooked. Glad it became a staple in the menu, too bad they don't have it here. And who could beat that price? The last time I remember it was just P25. Winner!

There it is, my wishlist. I won't make it any longer, masyado na akong frustrated haha

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  1. waaaah nakakagutom itong post mo. i miss jollibee!