Wednesday, July 13, 2011

For beautiful white teeth!

Sorry haven't posted anything recently ( hmm, does anybody care? haha ) We had my very good friend M visit us the past couple of days and of course if not going out, we're busy making chika. She also introduced me to games on the Iphone and I got hooked on Sally's spa and Sally's salon. And since I don't have my own Iphone I have to wait for hubby to get home from work so I could borrow his. Good thing I have high EQ, or so I'd like to think haha
Anyway, the reason for this post is that I just found it really amusing how Nix is sooo excited about her new toothpaste:) Our last tube of Sansfluo is gone so we went to the pharmacy this afternoon to look for a new toothpaste for her. We went to the baby section, no toothpaste. So I told her we have to look for the toothpaste section. And she did:) Unfortunately there was no fluoride free variant available so we had to settle for this:

Nix was so cute taking the box to the cashier by herself and she looked so serious about being able to "pay" for it by herself. And since this one has fluoride in it, hence the need to really spit it out, I told her she can't "eat" the toothpaste anymore and she has to spit it out. No questions asked, no complaints, she willingly obliged and did it! :)  She was so excited brushing her teeth this evening. Our little bulilit girl is growing up fast:)

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  1. wow! I never thought Colgate has this variant. My son is a Sanfluo user eversince. Sana available din yang variant na yan dito for a change :)