Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I want some! I think I will try to make one! After making Nix' cake, I feel like I can do anything haha. We'll in a way its more cost effective and definitely more rewarding for me to just even attempt to make one. A slice would be like $6, mahal diba. Eh if I buy the ingredients, for just a few dollars more, I will (hopefully) have one whole cheesecake. Winner! Now if I could just find a good cheesecake recipe. Will google my way again or maybe any of you care to share your winner cheesecake recipe would sure appreciate it:)

me want!!!!!


  1. hello hello abigail
    i got your email and i'm sorry for not replying back. i will email you soon.

    happy that you are blogging now. i look forward to reading about your adventures. i hope to meet you soon. let me know if you visit sydney. i miss melbourne. maybe next year we'll visit again.


    p.s. good luck on your quest to creating cheesecake :)

  2. hi ibyang! thanks for visiting my blog:) was still in manila when i discovered your blog, it was the time we were thinking of going here to australia so youre blog was a real inspiration. hope we could meet up, visit melbourne soon:)