Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nix is 3!

Our celebration was a quiet one today compared to her other birthdays but the gratitude and joy is the same. I managed to come up with a cake and she enjoyed blowing out the candle, yey! As I was assembling it last night I thought it might not work, but I really wanted to make this cake for her, no matter how simple or "rustic" looking it might turn out to be:) It's a single layer chocolate cake with ganache and marsmallow fondant. Topper was a mini bear I got from Kmart:)

taste test:)

one more piece please?:)

She likes it, yey!

We love you Nix, may God continue to bless you and help you grow into a healthy, happy and loving girl.Hug!


  1. wow your cake looks lovely!!! ang galing mo :)

  2. "labor" of love talaga yan haha