Friday, June 17, 2011

Early morning shopping

Since it was already way past my bedtime last night, there wasn't much on the tv except for infomercials. Last night it was about the Your Baby Can Read Dvds. It really got me watching because they were showing all these  videos of babies and toddlers reading. I saw this infomercial before pa, while we were still in Manila and I wanted to get one sana for Nix but it was expensive. Last night I was thinking of getting it so I googled their website here in Oz and it was still expensive, $299! So I figured there is probably an alternative to teaching my baby to read that I could afford and I came upon this
from hooked on

Since I'm not sure if they deliver outside US, I went to Amazon and saw they had this, yehey! So I ordered the Learn to Read Pre-K complete set plus this

It was my first time to order from Amazon so I'm hoping it will turn out okay and we'll receive the package as scheduled which is from end of June at the earliest (priority shipping was too expensive already so have to wait a bit I guess).  So excited:)

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