Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I think its officially the start of winter in our side of the world:) Thankfully though its been sunny since yesterday so none of the dark gloomy skies outside. I was even able to hang laundry outside yesterday so that was good. Nix has been sick the past few days and thank God that she is better now, still a bit picky about food but at least she's drinking milk and taking in a few spoonfuls of rice.

The months of April and May have been happily busy for our family. Our little abode here have been host to my parents, my tita, cousin and inaanak and only recently our friends who visited from Queensland. Now though they've all gone home so quiet na ulit kami dito. Look forward ko nalang next visit nila para di na ko ma-sad.

scarf and beanie  from Pumpkin Patch c/o ninang zen

Federation Square with Tita Norma, Zen and the kids

My uber pogi  na inaanak, Joaquin

Nix with her Ate Chloe

Have a great wednesday everyone!

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